November 1962. The international commitee plans on conducting a unified test of intelligence in every country of the world in 10 years. The in comparison smartest country will receive unlimited funding on every project planned. You are leading a dictatorship and your interest in citizen espionage is big - the only thing missing is funding for a secret surveillance program…

How to Play

  • Have the highest average intelligence (range 1 to 6) of all countries by November 1972.
  • Upgrade buildings to speed up learning process of citizens and generate more money. Click on a building to display options and information.
  • Every citizen is working at a work facility and studying at a school facility.
  • Citizens with an intelligence of 5 or greater have a chance of seeing through your dicatorship and will try to emigrate(signalized by an exclamation mark over their head).
  • Have a citizen killed for ☭200 by clicking on him. This ensures that the average intelligence of an other country won’t rise.
  • If the kill is spotted (by a nearby citizen), intelligence of all citizens is raised by +0.4 and you will get a penalty of ☭500.
  • Click on the monument to view your current status.



Learn to Die v1.0 Setup.exe 52 MB

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